About "From where I Sit" ...."Especially loved the last five! "Parker's Jetty" is gorgeous! Thanks so much for the fine music!...."
- Noel Paul Stookey (Peter, Paul & Mary)

"Possibly the high point of the festival was the closing of the Saturday night concert. Anne Dodson, the honey-voiced singer from Maine, wrapped up a lovely set with her breathtaking rendition of "Prayer"...,sung by several hundred voices,, all in majestic harmony. A perfect moment. And the rain even waited till she had left the stage...."
- Jeremy Bloom, Metroland, Albany NY 7/93 reviewing the Old Songs Festival, Altamont NY

".... Anne Dodson (is) fast growing into a major folk talent....Her clear voice is sweet and sure and her song-finding, from a Georgia Sea Island ditty to a wrenchingly homespun love song from naturalist John Albright, is dead-on"
- Scott Alarik, Boston Globe, Boston MA

"....You gave 'em everything but a hot oil massage!..."
- Livingston Taylor (after Anne's opening act, Lebanon, NH)

"...when an artist as good as you are at spinning a song puts out an album it's a matter of honor to get it on the program....."
- Tor Jonassen, WRVD, PA (re: From Where I Sit")

"...It was just what I needed to lift my spririts. I came alone...but I didn't feel alone once you began singing...."
- letter from an audience member

...."Anne Dodson took the U&I; Coffeehouse audience on a roller coaster ride from thoughtful ballads to uproarious sing-along-novelty songs - and everyone wanted to get back in line for more- a double encore performance!"....
- Ed Brown, U&I; Coffeehouse, Springfield MA

"You are truly, truly magical! For precision, soul and beauty this was the night. The very best!"
- Margie Rosenkranz, Eighth Step, Albany NY 11/3/95 (concert with Matt Szostak & Gordon Bok)

"With Anne, you've got a delightful combination; she listens, she loves and cares about everything she sings. That makes her a joy to listen to and a delight to work with. We're grateful that she's sharing her music with us."
- Gordon Bok, Camden ME

"More than one person actually told us the concert was the best one they had ever been to, period"....
- Dan Breslaw, concert sponsor, Chelsea VT (concert with Matt Szostak)

" an uncommonly good singer and this album [TRANQUILITY GRANGE] is truly a showcase for her considerable talents"....
- Bill Spence, Andy's Front Hall, Voorheesville NY

"....Below is a list of those artists which we seem to play a lot, regardless of the age of the recordings:....Tom Paxton, Greg Brown....Patty Larkin, John Gorka...Anne Dodson...[etc.!]..."
- WNHU, U. of New Haven, West Haven CT

"One change in old age, I find, is that music touches me more deeply and tears flow unbidden. "All You Ask" had that effect on me. The words, the music, your voice - I was glad of the semi dark. "From Where I Sit" - same result. I am 79 years old ; "age is but a way of marking distance"; and truer words were never spoken, I thought as I wiped my eyes and sniffed - pleasurably. I am still feeling euphoric from last night's concert."
- From an audience member , NH (4/95)

"Her voice can be anything from a lark to a cougar"....
- Gordon Bok

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