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"A Lot of Fine Stories" single - Now Available!!!

A fun song about the things she allegedly learned from her mother, Anne's single A Lot of Fine Stories is her first "official" recording since 2000's Against The Moon.
It features Anne on cello - accompanied by Matt Szostak on cittern, Cindy Kallet on guitar, and Will Brown. Everybody sings!

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A Lot of Fine Stories: Written by Anne Dodson and performed by Anne, Matt Szostak, Cindy Kallet and Will Brown
(Song length 3:29. File size 6.4 Mbytes. 256 kBits/s MP3)

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Against The Moon - CD only:

Anne's most recent CD features 16 original, contemporary and traditional songs and tunes, ranging from a lament for the death of a friend to the story of a relationship ruined by a game of Monopoly. Many pieces showcase Anne's wide-ranging vocals, guitar, mountain dulcimer and pennywhistle in solo settings, but she is also joined by local, and not so local musicians including husband Matt Szostak, brother David Dodson, Cindy Kallet, Gordon Bok and Harvey Reid. Other contributors include cellist Abby Newton, harper Kristin Tescher, Kathy Brand, Will Brown, England's Anne Lister and Canadian musicians Steve Sellors and Bill Preeper.

Songs include:

Why Do You Worry, Against the Moon, The Fiddler's Ear (Steve Sellors), The Locket, Unity, Waiting, Jane's Whistle (Anne Dodson), Rosemarie (Anne Lister), All That You Ask Me (Kieran Goss), Big Green Tree (Dennis Murhpy), Life Comes In (Ellen Epstein), The Limping Drinker's Polka (Jez Lowe), Monopoly (Richard Berman), Wait Till the Clouds Roll By, The Leatherwing Bat, Open the Door (traditional)

A couple of MP3 samples:

Why Do You Worry: Written by Steve Sellors and performed by Anne, Steve and Bill
(Song length 2:52. File size 2 Mbytes. 96 kBits/s MP3)

Open The Door: A traditional song with Anne and Matt
(Song length 3:34. File size 2.48 Mbytes. 96 kBits/s MP3)

For kids and
their adults

BH104d BH104c

Almost Grown - choose CD or cassette:

The Woodchuck Song * The Duchess at Tea * Buffalo Boy * All the Clumsy Animals * Benjy * Waiting for the Lark * Kennebunkport * Lady Jane Medley * The Coffeepot Song * Forgotten Apples * Something Told the Wild Geese * Good Fish Chowder * Never have a Bath * Kyle's Arrival * Lions * Bird Seed * Taladh * Priggish Tom and Piddily Pie

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BH102d BH102c

From Where I Sit - choose CD or cassette:

Cocked Hat * Schooner * Connecticut Twister * Ettrick * From Where I Sit * Soft Are the Hours * Miss Bea * I'm Gonna Getshew * Boy In Winter * Lazarus * Parker's Jetty * You Can't Take it With You * Bedtime Story

to From Where I Sit notes and reviews


BH101d BH101c

In Its Own Sweet Time - choose CD or cassette:

The Shores of Lake Mendosa * Come Into the Fire * Minneapolis/St. Paul and Somebody Ate Sally (lament for a duck) * So Will We Yet * Beech Hill * Almost Every Circumstance * The True Haunting * The Good In Living/North Haven Rambles * Back In Durham Jail * In Your Eyes * Searching the Desert for the Blues * Prayer

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FR172d FR172c

Tranquility Grange - choose CD or cassette:

Flash Company * Sandwood Down to Kyle * Key to the Highway * Early * Deep Dark Well * Tranquility Grange * River Waltz * Mountain Gal * Lonesome Robin * She's Gone (Solid Gone) * John of Dreams * Old Friend * Sail Away, Ladies

to Tranquility Grange notes and reviews

Also available from Beech Hill (on cassette only):

County Down * "Living In the Country" * FR165c
County Down * "County Down" * FR153c

County Down - cassette only:

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Itinerary and Update actually want to know more? Who played on these recordings anyway? What have reviewers had to say? Read on.....

Almost Grown
For kids and their adults,

is aimed at 6-12 year olds, but is designed so that adults and very young ones will enjoy it as well! As is usual on any of Anne's recordings, a multitude of friends have been enlisted, including Matt Szostak, Different Shoes, Gordon Bok, Lisa Redfern, Leila Percy, Denny Williams, David Dodson, Mr. & Mrz. Burnett, Cindy Kallet and forty two 5th graders from the Asa Adams Elementary School in Orono, Maine. With songs ranging from a full choral piece (sung by kids), to rounds to extremely silly songs to instrumentals to a Scots Gaelic lullaby, "Almost Grown" is a delightful romp, which was as much fun to record as it is to listen to. (imagine three people at the recording studio's bathroom sink trying to recreate the sound of a clumsy frog falling into a pond, and you'll get the picture!). "Almost Grown" is Anne's 4th solo venture.

"Almost Grown" is thoroughly charming....For those who want to truly share music with kids, "Almost Grown" is about as good as it gets."
- Rich Warren, Sing Out! Magazine, spring '96

"It's got guts and bounce and a lot of obvious joy. And some lovely quiet moments, too"
- Gordon Bok

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From Where I Sit

is a stunning array of new and old songs and tunes featuring Matt Szostak, Gordon Bok, Pixie Lauer, David Dodson, the outrageous Mr. and Mrs. Burnett, fiddler Jon Cooper, cellist Abby Newton, Sonny True, Sarah Ehrlich, harper Carol Rohl, Nick Apollonio and Holly Spangenberg.

...."Especially loved the last five! 'Parker's Jetty' is gorgeous! Thanks so much for the fine music!"....
- Noel Paul Stookey (Peter, Paul & Mary)

"This album is more the way folk music used to be than most recent releases...If you want to sink your ears into music that's fulfilling and fun, listen to this disc."
- Rich Warren, Sing Out! Magazine 1993

..."FROM WHERE I SIT" a tasty, eclectic potpourri of acoustical mini- masterpieces....I'll take the wonderful music of Anne Dodson any way I can get my ears on it."...
- Ben Blake, Popular Folk Music Today, Winter 1994

"...a real sweetie of a voice, the flawless, breathtaking possession of Anne Dodson. Sumptuous selection of carefully collected songs too, modern, traditional material right up to gems from Jez Lowe, Larry Kaplan and Archie Fisher. Dodson's own songs are well-stated...a fine bill of fare....
- Tony May, Folk Roots Magazine, England

"WOW! WOW! WOW!!!! ZINGO! KERBLAM!! WHERE HAS THIS WOMAN BEEN??? (I had 6 phone calls!)"
- David Weide, KUNV, Reno NV internet playlist

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In Its Own Sweet Time

is the second of Anne's solo releases and features many of the same cast of characters including Pixie Lauer, David Dodson, Gordon Bok, Nick Apollonio, Abby Newton, Jon Cooper, Mike Burd, Elmer Beal, Tom Judge and David Surette

"The vocals and instrumentals are carefully balanced. Harmonies add depth but never crowd or confuse the melody or lyrics....(In Its Own Sweet Time) is a mature recording by an artist at her best, one to share and enjoy with friends."
- David T. Moore, Dulcimer Player News

"Upbeat, beautifully sung, played and recorded, this disc is never far from the CD player. Can you wear out a CD?"
- Tom Babbin, E. Thomas Compact Discs Newsletter

"....A rich, flawless voice and multi-instrumentalist, she just released IN ITS OWN SWEET TIME- her second solo album- a pitch-perfect, musical delight..."
- The Eighth Step, Albany NY

"Listening last night to a CD carousel that I had loaded up weeks ago, I was startled again by the clarity, simplicity, and excellent choice of songs on Anne Dodson's "In Its Own Sweet Time". We have seen Anne a couple of times in house concerts. She always pleases. Many of the songs she does are her own but many others are traditional or well-selected covers from other performers- all melding in a seamless web. We never pass up one of her rare visits to the DC area. If you are feeling mildly jaded with the current crop of singer/songwriter releases, do your ears a favor by picking up this Anne Dodson release and seeing her the next time she comes around."
- Victor K. Heyman, Internet Folk Music Discussion Group

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Tranquility Grange

is Anne's first solo outing and has become a bit of a classic. Simple and unadorned, it features the "usual" crowd of friends; David Dodson, Nick Apollonio, Gordon Bok and Pixie Lauer.

"....TRANQUILITY an apt title since much of the material is performed in a gentle, unadorned fashion that only special talents like Priscilla Herdman, Sally Rogers and Anne Dodson can pull off....but don't pigeonhole her as a traditional singer...."
- Rob Weir, The Valley Advocate, Northampton MA

" an uncommonly good singer and this album is truly a showcase for her considerable talents"
- Bill Spence, Andy's Front Hall Reviews, Voorheesville, NY

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